Open Sauce Systems – Xero Integration

If you’re a Xero user then you don’t need me to tell you how it can make running a business so much easier. I almost find doing the accounts fun!

The Xero team have concentrated hard on building a product that will do accounts well rather than trying to be a solution to all your business needs. Because of that, a large number of add ons or plug-ins have been developed which connect to Xero and do what Xero doesn’t. However, it may well be that you can’t find a ready made plug-in that does what you want or maybe you need to integrate your existing software with your Xero accounts.

That’s where we can help! Open Sauce Systems are certified Xero developers and we have years of experience developing software that integrates with Xero through their API.

We’ve built small, stand-alone integrations such as a system that downloads a customer’s invoices and generates sticky labels for their products with all the information on them or another that lets users with VAT returns in multiple countries create multiple returns for their Xero data.

We also build large software systems that can run your whole business and synchronise your customers and invoices with your Xero accounts to keep everything up to date.

If you need a little help with Xero integration then please get in touch and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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