COVID-19 sign in system

As I’m sure you’re aware, pubs and restaurants are starting to reopen which is great news for everyone. One of the guidelines for opening requires each venue to record the contact details of everyone coming into their premises. This is so that the NHS track and tracers can try to get in touch with people if there is an outbreak of COVID-19 in the area.

We were approached by a local club in Cowes and asked to build a software based solution for recording and storing this data to help them comply with the rules and to keep them GDPR compliant.

The Rosetta Group have developed a system that provides the club with posters that include a QR code and these allow members to scan in and enter their name, phone number and the number of guests in their party. This data is stored for up to 21 days and then automatically deleted. Members can show that they have signed in by showing staff the message they receive if needed.

If users do not have a QR coder scanner then they can manually type in a web link and the club has even added the link to their website to make it easier for users.

We have also added a SMS feature so that people without a smartphone can text their details to our system. It costs them a SMS charge each time but some people may find it easier.

The system allows some customisation of the messages and the uploading of a logo to show that it belongs to the club.

Should the NHS require the saved data it can be exported as a CSV and sent to them.

If you run a venue that needs a simple to use sign in system that complies with the Government guidelines then please get in touch. You can view the sample poster here.