Custom Business Management System

We were approached by a company that needed a new system to manage their customers and enquiries. We recommended an off the shelf Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) would probably suit them as we’re always happy to recommend the best option, even if it doesn’t get us the work.

After carrying out a day’s business analysis for them, we discovered that they needed so much more than a CRM!

Open Sauce Systems specified, designed and developed a custom business management system which included many of the features of a standard CRM (customers, opportunities, etc) but included extras such as task management and helpdesk ticket control. In addition, the system integrates with two separate Xero organisations to manage all their invoicing needs.

The major difference from an off the shelf CRM is that the system is integrated to five (currently) of their supplier systems so that the company can manage all of their business processes from within one web site. This saves time and cuts down on errors and omission caused by transcribing data between systems. They now have visibility of all of their business and they already have a wishlist for future development.

As a benefit to their customers we developed a customer portal which allows their customers to view and pay invoices, set up direct debit payments and create and reply to helpdesk tickets whilst monitoring any projects the company is working on for them.

All in all so much more than a CRM!

Open Sauce Systems provide a full service from initial discussions about ideas to business analysis, system specification, development, roll out and support. If we can help transform your business then get in touch.