Business premises audio

Playing background music in your business is a complex matter in the UK. First you have to make sure you have the correct licences from the PRS and the PPL so that the artists get paid. Then there is the matter of choosing what to play.

This can be as simple as playing some CDs that you have bought but this can lead to repetition which can drive your customers mad! Some businesses simply connect their phone to their sound system and download music from their favourite streaming service (Spotify, itunes, etc.) but you will probably find that this is specifically not allowed in the small print and can get you into trouble.

We recently installed a system in a hotel as they (and their guests) were fed up listening to the same CDs over and over again. We installed a small computer that connects to a legal, business grade, streaming service that provides numerous genres of playlists, from easy listening to the latest hits, that last for a week so there is less chance of hearing the same songs again and again! They can select their music using a simple web interface and even skip songs or change the volume all from a web browser.

Now the hotel guests and the staff are happy that they have continuous, changing, publicly acceptable and legal music.

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