Your virtual, digital garage

Organise all your customers, vehicles and jobs in one place.

Are you still running your garage using a paper diary that gets more tatty and unreadable as the year goes on? Are you making the most of existing customers by reminding them when servicing and MOTs are due? With MyDigiGarage you can create customers, add their vehicles and create jobs from a simple web interface, from anywhere! Your customers can even see their own jobs, view their invoices and pay their bills online. Do you want to move your garage into the online age?

Integrate with Xero

Are you using Xero for your accounts? My Digi Garage integrates fully with Xero saving you from having to enter invoices into your accounts. It will also show you when a customer’s account is overdue so you can decide to block new jobs being created.

Customer Portal

My Digi Garage can let your customers log in and see their existing jobs, view quotes and view their invoices. They can even pay their bill online which should help your cashflow.

What Our Customers Say

My Digi Garage is designed to save you time and money by organising the paperwork and administration of your garage. Here’s what our customers say.

Would you like to try out our system and see what it can do for your business?

Well now you can! Our demo garage system lets you login at various levels and see what your users and customers will see.You can create customers, vehicles and jobs and progress them all the way to invoicing.

All you need to do is click on the button below and sign in with one of our demo users. Each user has different access levels so you can try them all out.

customer@example.compasswordA customer with very limited access to see their vehicles and jobs
engineer@example.compasswordEngineers have limited rights to use edit jobs
receptionist@example.compasswordReceptionists can add and edit jobs and customers
manager@example.compasswordManagers can do anything on their system

Please note that the data on our demo system is rebuilt each night and we cannot be held responsible for what users may enter on the system. Our demo system has some features restricted e.g. uploading images, sending emails and texts.