There are many ways you can listen to Rosetta Radio depending on what suits you.

We normally broadcast online although sometimes we broadcast on FM radio as well. If you’re listening on a mobile device then remember that you’ll be using your data allowance if you’re not connected to wifi.

Web browser

This is by far the simplest way! Simply open your web browser on your desktop, latop, tablet or mobile, go to and click on the “listen” button. You’ll see an audio player and you just press play.

If you want to save your data usage then select a lower bitrate from the drop down list. The default is 128kbps. A lower bit rate means lower quality but it saves on data use.

If you’re listening at a special event there may be a dedicated page for you to listen on. Ask the event organisers for details or check their website.

Smart Speaker

If you have an Alexa then ask her to install “Rosetta Radio” then simply say “Play Rosetta Radio”. On other smart speakers you might need to install one of the following apps or skills to listen. The My Tuner or apps should be available on your device. Check your smart speaker instructions for how to install new apps or skills.

Once you’ve installed one of those apps you can just ask them to play Rosetta Radio e.g.ask My Tuner Radio to play Rosetta Radio.

Mobile device

To listen to Rosetta Radio on your mobile device simply install the My Tuner Free app and then search for Rosetta Radio.

Custom players and apps

If you’re using a custom app or you need to listen to our stream directly then use the following links.

I still can’t hear Rosetta Radio!

If you’re still having problems hearing us then please get in touch and we’ll try to help.