Virtual Phone System – What is it?

If you’re running a business then you need to be looking at our Virtual Phone System. It gives you the flexibility to work from wherever you need to and is as flexible as your business can be. All you need is a reasonably good internet connection and you can run your business communications including phones, voicemail, mobile apps and much more.

Our system is easy to setup and you can use hardware phones, mobile apps or desktop apps to keep in touch wherever you are.

If your internet or power goes off then you might not be able to use your phones but your calls will still be answered and can be routed elsewhere, such as to a mobile or voicemail. You can even use the system when you’re at home or abroad!

What are the benefits?

  • Multiple devices on an extension so you can have the same number on your mobile and deskphone
  • Ring groups so you can call multiple extensions at once
  • Queues so you can spread incoming calls across a group of people
  • Voicemail to take calls when you can’t
  • Call recording for preserving those important conversations
  • Monthly contract after the first three months
  • Simple web interface to set it all up

What does it cost?

We provide all this for just £10 per extension per month plus VAT! We charge per actual extension (not voicemail only extensions or redirection to external numbers).

  • A setup fee may apply depending on what help you need from us
  • Number porting £20 per request
  • Inclusive phone number with each extension. Additional numbers £5 per month
  • Call costs 01, 02, 03 (landline) numbers 1p per minute
  • Call costs to most 07 (mobile) numbers 4p per minute
  • All charges are payable by direct debit and are plus VAT

Find out about handsets here