Welcome to Rosetta Telecom!

After many months of listening to your comments and requests, designing, developing and testing we have finally switched on the Rosetta Telecom cloud phone system.

Now you can have complete control over your business phone system without having to worry about all the jargon or need a degree in telecoms. We have put together a flexible phone system that meets the needs of most users but is easy to configure just by logging into this website.

Amongst other things your cloud phone system will let you:

  • register multiple phone numbers so you can have numbers in different geographic areas or direct numbers for specific extensions
  • connect multiple extensions which can be located anywhere there is a good internet connection
  • connect software phones e.g. on your mobile or laptop
  • set up voicemail including voicemail to email
  • record greetings for your callers
  • create auto attendants (press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts)
  • create time switches so your calls can be routed differently when you are closed
  • create manual switches so you can route calls differently e.g. switch your calls to your mobile
  • redirect calls to external numbers e.g. to your home or mobile

You’ll also be able to see reports of all your calls, including the cost for each call, and view and pay your invoices.

If you want to know more then please get in touch.