Short Term Radio Station

What is a short term radio station? Well it’s pretty much what its name suggests! We can provide a radio station for your event. This might be a one day affair, such as a village show or a concert, or … Read more

New supported handsets

The Rosetta Telecom system lets you use any SIP compatible handset but we specifically support a range of phones. You can see more about them in our shop. We’ve always recommended Grandstream phones as they are good quality but not … Read more

GDPR and what we’re doing

You really must have heard about GDPR and what effect it is having on businesses. If not, I urge you to do some searching! This post is to tell you what we are doing at Rosetta Telecom. First of all, … Read more

Fraud preventing call maximums added

Beating fraud is an ongoing battle when running a phone service as it seems everyone spends their time trying to hack computers these days! At Rosetta Telecom we use a number of features to try and prevent people making fraudulent … Read more

We’re on Twitter now!

We’re now on Twitter so we can let you know about new features and updates. We’re also rolling out notifications so you’ll be able to get a tweet when you get a missed call, voicemail or a new invoice. Follow … Read more