How a virtual phone system can help your business be more flexible, efficient and resilient

Well it sounds like quite a title for a blog post but this was the title for a talk Mike was asked to give for a group of business men and women organised by Vectis Business Link at the Ryde Castle Hotel on Tuesday.

Over 90 minutes Mike explained what a virtual phone system is, what the alternatives are, why VoIP is better and how VoIP works, using lengths of string! The talk included descriptions of some of the features available on modern virtual phone systems such as the one Rosetta Telecom provide.

He also explained how a virtual phone system can save your business from closing down by providing business continuity in the event of a disaster.

If you want to know more about our virtual phone system and how it can help your business to be more flexible, efficient and resilient then click here. If you want Mike to come and give this talk, or his previous one about how phone systems have developed, to your group or business then please get in touch.