Rosetta Radio – Short Term Radio Station

What is a short term radio station?

Well it’s pretty much what its name suggests! We can provide a radio station for your event. This might be a one day affair, such as a village show or a concert, or it might be a longer term event, such as a weekend or week long festival.

You can have almost everything that a “normal” radio station has including 24 hour shows, phone ins, interviews, music, news and weather, travel news, adverts, competitions, and more. The list is almost endless as it is as more about your imagination (and budget!) than about the technical skills needed.

We can broadcast on FM radio or stream online which is more popular these days as it’s easier to setup (less red tape) and far cheaper.

We can broadcast on site with a popup radio studio or do everything remotely if, for example, you just want to pre-promote your event in advance of it actually taking place.

Why would I need a radio station?

There are so many reasons why you might want to add a short term radio station to your event. Lots of these revolve around promoting your event and bringing it to a wider audience.

Let’s imagine you’re planning to run a weekend long music festival that appeals to a specific audience. You’ve got a great line up and a fantastic website to promote the event. Your social media is organised but you need something else. Rosetta Radio could set up and run an online radio station for the period up to the event. You would put a player link on your website so that people who find the site can listen in. We would interview all the acts playing at your event and play out these interviews with songs they are known for. We could run competitions to win free tickets or VIP passes as well as other prizes. When the event takes place we could set up our temporary studio onsite and broadcast interviews with the acts as they come off stage and talk to visitors (voxpops) to see how they are enjoying the event. All of this helps promote your event and is really useful when you start planning the next one as you have plenty of audio material which you can use to promote it.

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