Server room relocation

Our customer is a multi-million pound turnover logistics company with depots at several locations. At one of their depots they had a full height server rack in their main office which contained their routers, patch panels and several servers. The noise was incredible as all the servers were running at full power to try and beat the heat and dust! We were asked to relocate the server rack to make everyone’s life easier.There were several problems including that there was no room free to relocate the rack and the business runs 24 hours a day from early Monday until lunchtime Saturday.

Our solution was to have a custom built wooden server room made which could be located within their warehouse. As it looked like something from Doctor Who it quickly got decorated by the staff!

We prepared the new room by installing air conditioning and power before switching everything off on a Saturday after they had finished work. Our team moved the server rack and rebuilt it followed by rewiring their whole network, as well as several internet and phone connections,  to terminate at the new  patch panel.

Many hours of cabling, connecting and testing later we were able to switch everything back on and handover to our customer in time for them to start work on the Monday.

Their noise problem was solved and within their strict timescale.