Rosetta Cloud – Cloud file sharing

I’m sure you’ve heard of services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, you might well have used them. They’re a really handy way of sharing your documents without having to store them locally. The advantages of these services are that you can access your files from wherever you are and share them between multiple people but there are disadvantages.

If you’re a private individual and you just want an easy way of storing and sharing your files then the normal online services are fine. They’re cheap or even free and they’re simple to set up and use. However, if you’re running a business then you might want to consider a few things.

Where is your data being stored?

We’re all more aware now about where data is physically being stored. Is it in the UK? Is it even within the EU? Is it covered by your data protection policies under GDPR as storing it on a server in another country may not be? It can make your Data Controller’s life a lot easier if they know where your data is stored and who is responsible for it.

Rosetta Cloud have their servers here in the UK and we can even install a dedicated server for your data or a server on your premises if you want to have complete control over it.

Who has access to your data?

Some cloud services only let you give access to all or none of your data. In a business you may want to give full access to some users, access to limited folders to other users or read only access to some users. You might even want to share a file outside of your organisation without having to email the data which is an insecure and unreliable method.

It’s important that you can control access to your data without giving free access to everyone and this may be by groups or individuals.

Is your data backed up anywhere?

It’s easy to make the assumption that if you’re using an online file sharing service with a well known name that your data is securely backed up. However, there’s a big difference between file sharing and backup.

If you use an app to synchronise your local files with your cloud storage then you do have another copy of your data in the cloud. If, however, you delete the local file or edit it accidentally then those changes will be synchronised on the cloud so your file will have changed there as well. That can come as a bit of a shock to people when they have deleted all their precious data!

Make sure that not only is your cloud share backed up but that you are able to get hold of the backed up files if you need them. Test it out. Don’t wait until you have lost some important data before you try to recover it. Your provider may not offer that service, they may charge for it and they might have a long turn around before you can get your backup.

How can Rosetta Cloud help?

We host our own cloud file share service with servers here in the UK. You can set up access for multiple users with different access levels for each one. You can even share files externally and provide an upload folder where files can be dropped for you to access. Handy if you receive a lot of large files and email is impractical.

You can install a desktop app to synchronise your files and even use a mobile app which can automatically upload your photos when you take them! Access is possible from anywhere using a web browser and it’s all protected using SSL encryption.

If you want an extra level of security we can install a dedicated server for your data and we can even install one on your premises if you really want complete control. This can be handy if you transfer a lot of files onsite as transfer times are cut down. We can still backup this data using our encrypted backup service.

If you need something a little outside of the ordinary or you just want to make accessing your business files easier then get in touch.