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The scariest thing I hear is when someone gets in touch and tells me that their laptop has just died or been stolen and they don’t have a data backup.

You know the conversation.
“My laptop’s died. Can you fix it?”
“I’ll take a look but we can always restore everything from your backup”
“Backup? What backup?”

We all store so much valuable data on our computers now. Photos, orders, invoices, contacts, the list is endless. Could your business continue if you lost the lot? Would you be able to get work out the door or chase up monies owed to you? Do you want to explain to your partner why you’ve lost all the photos you’ve ever taken together?

Hopefully you’re already using several cloud based solutions for your accounts (Xero?), email (Microsoft365?) and maybe other data. However, are you backing up all your other important data like those quotes you spend hours writing or the photos of the site visit you did?

Don’t panic! We can help!

Rosetta Backup is a cloud based backup service for business users. Your data is uploaded over a secure connection to our servers based here in the UK. It’s stored safely in an encrypted format in secure data centres where it sits until it’s needed by you, which we hope will be never! Data is backed up intelligently so that only changes are uploaded which means that, after the first upload, backups take very little time.

We store several backups (daily, monthly, yearly) and you only pay for data stored on our servers.

Our backup software is installed on your own Linux server or we can supply a backup device which sits on your network and stores all your files. You can either save files to it manually or configure your desktop backup software to store files on it. We then backup that device on a daily basis with no further work needed by you.

Prices start from £25 plus VAT for 50GB storage per month.

To find out more about how we can protect your business and take away those sleepless nights, get in touch.

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  • […] If you want an extra level of security we can install a dedicated server for your data and we can even install one on your premises if you really want complete control. This can be handy if you transfer a lot of files onsite as transfer times are cut down. We can still backup this data using our encrypted backup service. […]

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