Rosetta Telecom – Custom phone systems

Most people have heard about the move away from traditional phone services and towards a web based offering (VoIP, internet telephony, virtual phone systems). However, not every business fits the web based model where features are provided that meet the needs of the majority of customers but not all. Rosetta Telecom are able to help those minority of customers who want more than the standard offering.

What do you mean by a custom phone system?

If your business wants more than just a simple number, rings extensions via a collection of configurable features then you might find that you have to adjust your business model to fit the available systems or, worse still, not be able to do business in the way that you want. In these circumstances what you might need is a custom phone system.

Rosetta Telecom can do everything from business analysis, system design, build, installation and management to ensure that your telephony needs are met. Our team will build a dedicated internet based phone system with a customised call flow that meets your needs. You’ll get many of the benefits of a modern, internet based phone system whilst still being flexible enough to keep up with your business.

Let’s have some examples

One customer needed the most complex call flow system we have seen! They are a telesales business taking incoming calls from many different sources and arranging sales using outbound calls. We built a system that integrates with their in house CRM system to look up callers and record call data. Callers receive a different message depending on which number they dialled and are routed to different teams of operators throughout the country. The person receiving the call knows which customer is calling and what they are after before they have picked up the phone.

Call statistics are displayed on custom wallboards which helps the supervisors to manage staff levels as well as monitor the use of phone numbers used in marketing campaigns. All inbound calls are recorded and the data is passed to the CRM system in case it is needed later

Our system is extremely flexible and has been reconfigured many times to keep up with the evolution of the business.

Another customer has a fleet of vehicles on the road as well as offices in multiple locations. We designed a custom system that routes calls between their sites as well as sending calls to their vehicles using a GSM mobile unit. This cuts their call costs dramatically as calls between their own mobile users are included in their mobile contract.

A third customer is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that needed a system to act as a main hub for all their phone systems, from individual domestic users with one line to multi line, multi extension business phone systems. We built redundant systems that manage the routing of all their inbound and outbound calls whilst providing wallboard data about what channels are in use.

How can we help you?

As you can see, Rosetta Telecom are able to provide any out of the ordinary telecom systems to help your business be more flexible and productive. Don’t change your business idea to fit your phone system. Get in touch!