Rosetta Telecom – Virtual Phone System

What’s a virtual phone system you may well ask for starters?

Well that’s a fair question as surely it either is or isn’t a phone system. To understand what we mean by our virtual phone system, let’s first talk about what we understand by the term phone system.

Most small businesses get by on one or two phone lines provided by their phone company. A normal analogue phone line lets you make or receive one phone call at a time which can be a nuisance and you probably don’t have any fancy features like hold or transfer. As the business grows it may invest (heavily!) in a phone system (also known as a PBX or PABX) which will probably be a big box on the wall which is installed and configured by engineers. You might have to sign up for several years (we’ve heard of 10 year contracts!) to pay for the system and changing the settings may be nigh on impossible without paying for an engineer to visit.

Our virtual phone system is a phone system in the cloud which we maintain so that you don’t have to. You get all the benefits of an expensive, on site phone system for a very low monthly fee and no long contract (minimum 3 months).

How does it work? Another good question. Without boring you with technical jargon, our system is a VoIP phone system which means it sends your phone calls via your internet connection instead of a dedicated analogue phone line. This means that you can multiple calls (depending on the speed and quality of your internet connection) without needing to install extra lines. You’ll have access to numerous features which will benefit the way you do business, such as call groups, voicemail to email, time conditions, etc. You can even use our phones wherever there is an internet connection or use a mobile app. Total flexibility and great for business continuity in the event of a problem at work.

To find out more about our virtual phone system, click here or get in touch and we’ll be happy to explain.