John Hannam – Showbiz journalist and broadcaster

After resisting for many years to move into the 21st Century, I finally was persuaded by Open Sauce Systems to let them design me my very first website. I had never been convinced but I am now. It has already paid dividends and their service, patience and ideas have worked wonders.

It’s a joint operation and we bounce ideas off one another. I have already had many congratulations as to the quality of my website – and many of these have been from professionals from the world of show business.

Recently on two Sunday afternoons I have had over a hundred hits in a couple of hours, following my Isle of Wight Radio show “John Hannam Meets”.

In just a couple months I have had not far off 3000 hits and a few famous stars have checked me out before agreeing to appear on my show.

I was even persuaded to include a blog. Whatever next!!! Now people stop me to say how much they enjoy it. I just can’t get my head around this – but Open Sauce Systems were spot on.

John Hannam