Wightfest Music Festival

Having helped run a Charity event we were wondering what to do next, or how to report on what we did. Even, whether we should do another one, and if so, how best to advertise.

Open Sauce Systems stepped in and offered to help set up a ‘www’ address for us and provide file hosting free of charge. This was a most welcome offer we couldn’t refuse! Open Sauce Systems made it all very simple for us to get started, and we are now looking to develop the site further.

Without the offer from Open Sauce Systems we may never have got this off the ground, as we are all busy at work. However, with most of it being done for us it has opened our eyes to what is possible. Many thanks to them, so keep your eye on www.wightfest.com and see how it develops.

Kev Summers
The Wightfest team