Cruise Booking System

We were approached by a company offering day cruises on the Solent for parties and sightseeing trips. They have a number of vessels and take bookings for individuals and the whole boat. They ran their business using a custom built database running on a very old PC which was running a long out of date version of Windows. The system did not meet their current requirements and the PC it was running on was failing.

Our systems analyst spent time onsite with the client, looking at the way they do business and what they would like to have on their system. We were also able to suggest extra features that would help their business based on the experience we have gained from working with other clients.

Open Sauce Systems designed a web based application to replace our client’s existing system which will allow them to manage all their customers, cruises and bookings as well as produce tickets, cruise manifests and other reports to help make the business more organised and efficient. The system will monitor quantities of tickets sold so that resources can be managed and will let them book extra services such as catering and entertainment.

As the system is web based, they can access it from anywhere and there is potential to expand the system, for example, to integrate customer bookings and automatic notifications should they be needed by the client. They will also be able to retire their old PC as we will look after all the maintenance!