Waste Management System

Our client is a large waste processing and recycling business that receives thousands of tonnes of waste a day. They have to comply with numerous Environmental Agency rules and regulations as well as provide evidence of the movement and processing of different waste types to their customers and to the authorities.

Their business was managed using a number of off the shelf products (spreadsheets and documents) as well as a database written in house. Data needed to be entered onto three different systems which was slow, labour intensive and prone to errors. They were unable to provide timely information to their customers which led to unnecessary phone calls and emails.

Open Sauce Systems visited the client, analysed their business processes and listened to their requirements. We designed a web hosted application which manages all their waste processing paperwork; from the initial receipt of the consignment to the production of the necessary statistics for the Environment Agency. We also designed an interface allowing customers to log in and see the status of their waste consignments and download the appropriate paperwork in real time instead of having to wait days for it to be forwarded to them.

Now that they are entering data in one place, data input time has been drastically reduced as most information is already on the system and can be entered automatically e.g. customer details, waste types, etc. In addition, as the system is hosted by us in one of our UK data centres, the system is reliable, always up and backed up with no ongoing maintenance needed by the client. It is also flexible so that should any of their requirements (or those of the Environment Agency!) change, we will be able to alter the system to reflect these changes.