Providing phones in a rural school

Our customer is a private school being started from scratch, based in a very large country estate with multiple buildings spread over a large area. Their requirements were for us to provide them with a flexible phone system which would grow as they did and give them reliable communications in many locations.

We faced a number of problems including the fact that they could only get up to 4Mbps broadband at the site due to it being a long way from anywhere! As they needed to keep costs down at first we could not specify a large proprietary system with multiple incoming lines although we needed to find a way for them to be contacted.

Our parent company, The Rosetta Group, had installed a fibre network around the site along with hub cabinets and WiFi which allowed us to use a VoIP based phone system. However, due to the poor speed we could not use their internet connection to make and receive calls. To get over this we installed a local phone system on a server in their IT rack and connected several standard PSTN lines to it through an analogue adaptor. In this way they could get the benefits and flexibility of a VoIP system but still use the reliability of PSTN lines.

The school only wanted to advertise one phone number so as not to confuse people and so we set up an easy to remember phone number on our cloud phone system which redirects calls to one of the available PSTN lines into the site. In this way the callers only need to remember one phone number to get to the school.

As the school has grown we have added extra hardwired and WiFi phone extensions and reprogrammed the system many times to keep up with their call routing requirements. When the broadband connection can be upgraded to a more suitable speed we will be able to direct calls in and out of the phone system without using the PSTN lines which will save money and allow more flexibility all the while making use of the same phone system we installed on day one.

A Rosetta Telecom phone system gives your business enormous flexibility and grows with you to enable you to save money and present a professional image.