Simplifying inter depot communications

Our customer is a transport company dealing with everything from parcels through pallets to full loads and moving them all over the world.  They have depots in five different locations as well as delivery vehicles all over the place.  When we got involved with them they had independent phones at each location with a selection of ISDN and analogue phone lines.  They were paying a high price to rent their multiple phone systems and, in addition, they had to make chargeable, outbound calls to speak to colleagues in different depots.

We began by installing two VoIP phone servers in their two main depots.  These servers are connected using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) so that calls can be passed between them without touching the public network.  The smaller satellite depots were set up with remote phones attached to the two main depots.  Outbound calls were routed over our VoIP network in order to save money and free up their main lines for incoming calls.

We set up a single contact number for the company and routed that to an auto attendant so the customer can choose which department or depot they wish to speak to without having to remember numerous phone numbers.  This number is plastered across their websites and their vehicles.

As many of their staff members are mobile we installed a GSM mobile gateway which makes use of a company SIM card that allows them to make free calls between other company SIMs.  This means the office staff can call the drivers on their mobiles at no charge.  If the mobile connection is in use the call drops onto the normal VoIP outbound lines.  A bonus feature is that drivers can ring back on the mobile number and speak to the office and can even send text messages which are displayed to the office staff.

The system is integrated with their transport management system built by our sister company, Open Sauce Systems, and users benefit from features such as click to dial and viewing call records in near realtime.

Our customer is considering migrating their whole phone system to our cloud hosted service which will save them paying for multiple ISDN lines as well as simplifying their internal phone structure.

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