GDPR and what we’re doing

You really must have heard about GDPR and what effect it is having on businesses. If not, I urge you to do some searching! This post is to tell you what we are doing at Rosetta Telecom. First of all, … Read more

Fraud preventing call maximums added

Beating fraud is an ongoing battle when running a phone service as it seems everyone spends their time trying to hack computers these days! At Rosetta Telecom we use a number of features to try and prevent people making fraudulent … Read more

We’re on Twitter now!

We’re now on Twitter so we can let you know about new features and updates. We’re also rolling out notifications so you’ll be able to get a tweet when you get a missed call, voicemail or a new invoice. Follow … Read more

Welcome to our conference rooms

Our latest feature is the addition of conference rooms to our cloud phone system so you can have on the phone meetings. All you need to do is create a new feature and select “Conference room” as the type. Now … Read more

Music on hold without greensleeves!

Have you ever called a company and been stuck on hold listening to greensleeves for ever? Well we don’t think you should subject your callers to that sort of purgatory so we use some fairly decent, licence free music on … Read more

Why are Rosetta Telecom different?

There are a large number of phone providers around these days so how can you choose between them? Why should you choose Rosetta Telecom instead of anyone else? Well for starters we are small enough to care about our customers’ … Read more

Our reseller programme is up and running

Our new cloud phone system has been extremely popular since we rolled it out recently. We’ve been really busy with enquiries, new customers and people wanting to resell our system to their customers. As a result, we are happy to … Read more

Call recording now available

As promised we have now introduced call recording to our cloud phone system. You can sign up for as little as £10 a month for 50Mb of storage and can select whether to record inbound calls, outbound calls or both. … Read more

Welcome to Rosetta Telecom!

After many months of listening to your comments and requests, designing, developing and testing we have finally switched on the Rosetta Telecom cloud phone system. Now you can have complete control over your business phone system without having to worry … Read more

Lease or buy?

Many of our customers like the fact that we can supply a complete phone or computer system, purchased outright, with no ongoing payments. This suits many businesses as they aren’t tied into long contracts. We’ve now joined up with Henry … Read more